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As an entrepreneur and business consultant with over 11 years’ experience of owning several successful businesses, including a chain of children's day nurseries, I have a passion for planning, performance and profit. No business owner has all the answers and it’s knowing when to look outside for help and from who.

Every business is different and will have its’ own specific challenges which is why my approach must be similarly unique.

I offer practical support in Finance, HR and Business Management, Systems and Processes for facilitating change. Following a business evaluation we’ll be looking to develop and deliver a personalised strategic plan in order to get you and your business back on track and generate effective results.

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I want you to be successful, sustainable and build a stronger, more profitable business. I offer a straight talking approach that offers both practical and realistic solutions to your business challenges, we’ll be working together to make a strategic plan for immediate action to get you out of a rut, whilst also identifying new opportunities to accelerate both your career and business moving forward.  Working closely with you and your team, you’ll be guided through the process, learning new skills in order to move forward independently in the future.


No one can reassure you that you’re on the right path with your business and we often get too close and caught up in the day to day of running a business. I pride myself on the impartial and confidential support I offer my clients, helping you to gain clarity and focus, working through any business mindset blocks, building confidence and empowering you to get you back on the path to success.


Businesses often spend their finances inappropriately and ineffectively. It’s important to look at spending and focus on what is necessary and what isn’t. HR support for your business can also be a crucial factor in a businesses recovery. Rest assured that we can offer you the right support for your business which in turn can lead to long term sustainability.

Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards. Winner Michelle Drury I Learn Education. Business Woman of the Year.

Michelle has always been a fantastic support for myself and my team which first began whilst preparing for our first OFSTED inspection 3 years ago! We were delighted with our Outstanding outcome and I believe Michelle helped give us the confidence and tips to really showcase what we do. This support has continued and I now consider Michelle excellent support and am always on the phone when I need a push in the right direction or someone to shout at me! Michelle’s  invaluable knowledge of the EYFS and how to embed Outstanding outcomes has really stood us in good stead to both expand the settings and to contain to sustain excellent reputations.

Thank you for your time and support.  You are such an inspiration and if I could only have a fraction of your grit and determination I would be happy.

Best decision I ever made getting in contact with Michelle, she came in and focused on the positives and gave us the confidence and direction to improve. She certainly helped us to see the wood from the trees!

If you want to make progress and quick, Michelle is for you. She tells you directly, even if initially it isn't what I wanted to hear. But we made more progress in 2 days that we have in 2 months. I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Michelle's passion for quality is what really stood out for me, she finds solutions and focuses on making positive changes to your business. She helped me find my unique selling point and got myself and my team excited about the future again!

Michelle is a dynamic leader who has built a terrific team around her. They have bought into her demands around quality. Second best is not good enough and Michelle is a great ambassador for business owners.

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